Drilling Cum Milling Machine

Auto Feed


Model No.

Drilling Capacity (MS) 40mm
Face Milling 100mm
End Milling 25mm
Tapping Capacity M-22
Spindle Travel 170mm
Column Dia. 114mm
Spindle Nose MT-4
Working surface 725 x 224mm
Distance from Spindle centre to Column Surface 280mm
Max. Distance from Spindle nose to Table Surface 555mm
No. & Range of Spindle speeds 8 & 100 to 2100RPM
Longitudinal Travel(Manual) 350mm
Cress Travel 305mm
Vertical Travel of Head 550mm
Overall Height with Gaurd 1850mm
V-Belt Section B-64
Power Supply 1.5HP, 3PH, 1500RPM
Standard Equipments: Collet-Adapter
Motor Pulley
Drill Drift
Hand Fine Feed attachment
Fabricated base stand
Optional Equipments:

Electric motor
R & F switch
Drill chuck with Arbour
X-Axis Auto feed Attachment
Coolant pump with Tank and Fittings
Drill Vice
Milling Vice
Machine Lamp